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Talk on Gamification at Google

Our Co-Founder Yu-kai Chou did a talk on gamification and rewards at Google. Check it out!

The Playpump: How a think outside the box to solve worldly problems

New to Gamification? Check out Yu-kai Chou’s post on What is Gamification & his Gamification Framework: Octalysis

Gamification visits the Third World

Most of the time, we think of Gamification as a technique to get consumers to like our products more, to be more productive in life, and improve our workplace, but Gamification can sometimes be used to save an entire nation.

While we enjoy our Twitter, iPhones, Starbucks, and Reality Shows, many third world country nations are literally thirsty for clean water. Some families need to travel for 2 hours one way just to get a bucket of clean water for their families.

I’ve spent 6 years of my childhood in South Africa, and even though most of the nation has fine standards of living, there are some places that show how fragile the human life really is.

We’re not talking about failing a test, losing your job or being dumped – stuff that could make us depressed for weeks – we’re talking about watching your family members die or dying yourself in a constant basis.

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The New Captain Up is here!

Captain Up makes awesome gamification videos!

Enjoy this video from Captain Up!



TEDx Talk on Gamification by Yu-kai Chou

Best Gamification Examples all in a TEDx video!

Here’s one of the best talks on Gamification in TEDx, by Gamification Expert Yu-kai Chou.

He talks about how the 8 Core Drives of Motivation drives us to do everyday actions better. This talk is done in Switzerland, and already has over 40,000 viewers!

On his website, he also includes a great deal more Gamification Examples to inspire the world!

Gamification Guru Yu-kai Chou analyzes Jane McGonigal’s SuperBetter 1.0 through his Octalysis Framework

Gamification Guru Yu-kai Chou analyzes Jane McGonigal’s SuperBetter 1.0 through his Octalysis Framework

There are many gamification gurus in the market. Jane McGonigal is definitely one of them, and the other is the creator of Octalysis Yu-kai Chou.

In this video, Yu-kai Chou analyzes Jane McGonigal’s product Superbetter. Enjoy!!

Top Gamification Video by Yu-kai Chou!

New content from Gamification Expert and Author Yu-kai Chou

After a year of hiatus, Yu-kai Chou has released his latest video of the Beginner’s Guide to Gamification. It features footages from California, Norway, Poland, Bali, Hawaii, Macau, Hong Kong, South Korea, Czech Republic, and more!

In this video, Yu-kai talks about how to apply the 8 Core Drives into the Discovery Phase of a Player’s Journey.


Adding Unpredictability into your Experience

Unpredictable Rewards and Easter Eggs!

Gamification Expert Yu-kai Chou talks about how to add suspense, unpredictability, and easter eggs into your experience.

Gamification Video: Beginner’s Guide to Gamification 20 of 90

Here is the new episode about Intrinsic vs Extrinsic Motivation!