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TEDx Talk on Gamification by Yu-kai Chou

Best Gamification Examples all in a TEDx video!

Here’s one of the best talks on Gamification in TEDx, by Gamification Expert Yu-kai Chou.

He talks about how the 8 Core Drives of Motivation drives us to do everyday actions better. This talk is done in Switzerland, and already has over 40,000 viewers!

On his website, he also includes a great deal more Gamification Examples to inspire the world!

Gamification Guru Yu-kai Chou analyzes Jane McGonigal’s SuperBetter 1.0 through his Octalysis Framework

Gamification Guru Yu-kai Chou analyzes Jane McGonigal’s SuperBetter 1.0 through his Octalysis Framework

There are many gamification gurus in the market. Jane McGonigal is definitely one of them, and the other is the creator of Octalysis Yu-kai Chou.

In this video, Yu-kai Chou analyzes Jane McGonigal’s product Superbetter. Enjoy!!

Top Gamification Video by Yu-kai Chou!

New content from Gamification Expert and Author Yu-kai Chou

After a year of hiatus, Yu-kai Chou has released his latest video of the Beginner’s Guide to Gamification. It features footages from California, Norway, Poland, Bali, Hawaii, Macau, Hong Kong, South Korea, Czech Republic, and more!

In this video, Yu-kai talks about how to apply the 8 Core Drives into the Discovery Phase of a Player’s Journey.


Adding Unpredictability into your Experience

Unpredictable Rewards and Easter Eggs!

Gamification Expert Yu-kai Chou talks about how to add suspense, unpredictability, and easter eggs into your experience.

Gamification Video: Beginner’s Guide to Gamification 20 of 90

Here is the new episode about Intrinsic vs Extrinsic Motivation!

10 Principles in Culture Gamification: The RewardMe DNA


Culture Management is essential for growth stage companies

Our company has been through many cycles and products throughout the years, but it’s the passion and bond between teammates that have always carried on with us. That will continue to carry on no matter what size we grow to. We are a team, and we are a family.

This places an enormous emphasis on having the right Culture. Culture is something intangible but very impactful. It affects team morale, productivity, conflict resolution, decision-making, and hiring — basically everything that moves the company forward in the right direction. It is something that needs to be nurtured and maintained, as it could easily be diluted as the company grows.

Therefore, I spent a lot of time researching about companies that boast their cultures as a competitive edge, including Apple, Zappos, Netflix, Yammer and more (yes, I’m not pretending I came up with all this stuff. The giants get the credit and I get the shoulders). I also made a list on what most of my friends love about their jobs, and what they hate about their jobs to figure out how can we create a system that automatically generates the former and eliminates the latter.

It seemed striking to me that, everyone complains about their managers, but when these complainers become managers themselves, nothing has changed, as people below them still complain about their managers. Clearly the “bad manager” syndrome is not based on an individual’s capability, but an overall system flaw.

Culture is the system that either creates the right environment where everyone can easily be good managers, or where bad managers are kicked out, so good people do not lose motivation.

A culture based on Gamification

There’s a certain DNA within the RewardMe Team Members that keeps us all bonded together. We call it a DNA because it isn’t just rules that look nice, but it should be something that is ingrained deep inside every member, which is reflected upon daily conduct.

These are not just fancy statements we put on walls and badges, but all team member are evaluated (and rewarded) based on how well they have this ingrained into them. Hiring and firing should not only be based on performance output, but also environment output.

1) Put positive energy into the company

Bad attitude in the company is UNACCEPTABLE. Your responsibility in the company is not only to perform, but to make everyone around you better in every way you can. Don’t be the “Game over man!” guy you see in movies. Be that person who is always thinking positively and encouraging others. Always inspire hope and ideas to new solutions.

2) In whatever you do, be exceptional and over-impressive

Our competitors are filled with good people. That’s why we all need to be excellent. We believe the best people are 10x compared to the average, and we should always strive to be that 10x. You need to care intensively about outperforming expectations and getting more wins together as a team.

You need to maintain calm poise in stressful situations and be a strong pillar, especially when it takes many pillars to hold up a roof. We don’t care about being over-impressed with your hours. We want you to create WOW moments for the rest of the team. Do whatever it takes to achieve that.

3) Build a Positive Team and Family Spirit

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RewardMe Wins First Place at the AlwaysOn OnMobile Startup Competition!

RewardMe Winner

The AlwaysOn OnMobile Conference

RewardMe was recently featured at AlwaysOn’s OnMobile Conference in Redwood City; a 2-day lecture-heavy exposé of the mobile and tablet industry.

AlwaysOn has been one of the most prominent business media brand networking the Global Silicon Valley, with attendees of top executives from Fortune 500 Companies as well as successful technology startups. Most of the conference was set around B2C businesses, but there were a few interesting B2B startups that could create some waves in the Restaurant and Retail industries. Here are some highlights: Mobile Technology Advancements For Restaurants & Franchises

Two things stick out here: automation, and dynamism. There were some big leaps in terms of automating various elements of the ordering process, but taking out the cashier can just be too automated in some cases. One startup is trying to take the online-ordering process to the next step — automating the process by taking the order directly to the POS and getting it ready for delivery. This could potentially help serve more customers during high-traffic times and lower waits for everyone.

We were one of a few other companies in the loyalty space, and the most common thing we can see moving forward in the industry is the destruction of ‘traditional’ punch- and card-based programs. The future is in being dynamic and interactive: customer engagement, and having technology that is constantly updating and analyzing to create better experiences for both customer and merchant.

Mobile Technology Advancements For Retail:Geofencing” means creating a virtual perimeter for a real-world area. For example, you can create a geofence around your store so that linked devices (say, by an app) can receive a notification when they step inside the boundary.

There were a few startups working on this concept for large retail chains so they can step up their customer engagement. Is it creepy for your phone to go off when you get near your usual retail store, or is it really something consumers could get excited about?

The last big movement we saw was in expanding a brand’s interactive capability. It’s not so much just about your food or service anymore, so we’re seeing companies providing services such as: brand-based games, apps and app-stores for your customers, and content creation for a brand’s web and mobile presence.

RewardMe’s Social CRM and Loyalty Program for Retail Stores takes home the medal

RewardMe also presented at the Startup Competition, judged by two prominent VCs, Mark Gorenberg of Hummer Winblad, and Jules Maltz of Institutional Venture Partners. RewardMe won first place, with the judges stating they were very excited about RewardMe and that we would be the company that they try to meet immediately.

We’re very excited to continue to deliver excellent innovation in the Online2Offline industry and bring the powers of online Social CRMs into retail stores.