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Improve Learning Functions and Social Skills By Playing Video Games

Gaming Good For You

There are a lot of improvements when it comes to playing video games and researchers have long concluded that spending some hours playing video games will go a long way in improving some functions of both body and mind. With proper moderation and supervision, children can take advantage of the many positive effects of video games. If you are wondering where to start, one good choice is to play Johnny upgrade 2 at muchgames. com.

Such factors will go a long way in cementing basic fundamental information and will add a layer of knowledge which will help in further developing the acquisition of information in children. There are a lot of custom tailored games on the market for your child to enjoy and when one adds this activity to the already existing ones, one could not go wrong.

Fitness and Nutrition

There are wide arrays of video games available which are specifically developed to stimulate outdoor sports and alternatives so that they can be completed at any given time during the day, irrespective of the weather. Such games aim big on the education factor as they include crucial information for children to assimilate regarding fitness and nutrition tips which if followed, will lead to an amazing and balanced life.

Improved Coordination

Playing video games on a regular basis will increase anyone’s dexterity by a large margin and will come in handy when performing everyday tasks as well as sports and work functions. Not only are there a lot of exercises specifically embedded into video games useful to improve hand-eye coordination but a lot of them are rewarding those who complete them with the knowledge necessary for honing this important skill.

Improves Social Skills

A lack of social skill these days could lead to worrying problems such as depression and will help build anxiety. The good thing with video games is the fact that they unite people from across the world on a common platform where they can socialize to their heart’s content in order to achieve a common goal. It is extremely easy to open up when playing video games and nothing could go wrong from an entertaining conversation with one’s peers.

Improves the Ability to Learn new Things

Games are nowadays build as being extremely complex and have different themes crafted within them such as giving players the option to learn fascinating subjects, such as history and arts as well as mathematics and languages within a game by being build entirely around the learning concept. Not only will these games prove out to be entertaining but they will give their players the opportunity to learn exciting information about various subjects.

RewardMe Networking

Below are a few tips to help with RewardMe Networking

Like any other crafts in this diversified world, you need to get familiar with some tools that will help you in networking. This is a short chapter on the tools and resources out there that you always have at your disposal when needed.

Humans are Vision Creatures of Rewards

Appearances are extremely important in presenting yourself, and presenting yourself is extremely important in networking. It’s sad to say, but to network well, you at least need to have the option of dressing well and looking nice. I have always worked hard in having an unbiased view of people in terms of their appearance and how they look, but for some subtle reason I seem to automatically respect someone more when the first time I see him/her is in professional attire. According to psychological studies, most of our views of a person are determined in our first encounter with them. As a result, our first impression with someone else is of great importance.

So what is this saying? Dress nicely, or at least have something to dress nicely in, so you can if you want to. Remain true to your style, but at least be aware of it and have something “professional” that’s hiding in the closet. This obviously depends on your profession, but you get the idea.

And again, a smile is of immense usefulness in any situation that requires interacting with people (ok, maybe not when they are mad at you, but you can figure that out by yourself, hopefully). I cannot stress this enough, and no one does it enough. A smile shows confidence and pleasantness, which makes people want to know you. It is a great tool to have. You should smile now (just for practice, especially if you haven’t done it today yet).

Keeping In Touch…with their Info for RewardMe


It’s pointless, at least in networking, if you know someone that you will never interact with again. Therefore, you must hold on to peoples’ information. Apply the principles learned in the previous chapter, and have a couple of things assist you.


RewardMe Business Card Holder

If you have been doing ok on networking, you should have and still be getting many business cards. If not, that’s something you need to fix. But what do you do with all these business cards? You file them into a Business Card Holder. You can organize the business cards by how well you know the person, or any way you want, but I recommend you to have some sort of organizing system to it. What’s also very important is when you get a new business card, you should write down when and how you met this person, as well as something unique about him/her. Have you ever looked at all your business cards and went “whoa, this person’s pretty cool! But who is he? How did I meet him? I would like to contact him but…?” If you record these simple information, when you do your biannually checkups (or something), you will know exactly who this person is, as well as something that you can mention about. People usually pay extra attention to you if they noticed you’ve been doing the same thing (like remembering their kids’ names).


Filing System: ContactBasic with RewardMe

So I have customized an Access database format called ContactBasic to help people keep contact of their connections. You can use other methods such as Microsoft Excel but I feel it does not have the functions that Microsoft Access has for keeping connection data. The nifty part of ContactBasic is that it not only can keep all the data of your contacts, it also organizes them in any manner you want as well as has an notepad file that is attached to each person, so you will be able to find out more about a person if you want. You can put in what the person likes, where he/she went to school, location and everything you can think of.

Something negative about using this database format is that you need to have Microsoft Access, something that not everyone has. The other negative but optional thing is that it takes awhile to put in all your contacts. However, you don’t need to put in everything you know, and if you are serious about networking, it’s usually worth it.

Blow Off Some Steam After A Busy Day With These Fighting Games

Blow Off Some Steam After A Busy Day With These Fighting Games

Fighting games are forms of entertainment which are preferred among gamers from around the world more and more. This segment is said to develop a whole lot over the next couple of years as many fighting games developers are joining the race to achieve supremacy over the competitive market.

This video game genre involves one or more players who compete against each other in matches typically consisting of several rounds in an arena. The player can be matched versus an AI, a nearby friend or versus someone from around the whole world.

Characters which take part in the video game usually have different sets of abilities which can be paired to form incredible combos which will lead to their enemy’s defeat. Find skill games to play such as blocking, chaining attacks as well as counter-attacking are usually by pressing specific keyboard button combinations as players control their character through the keyboard.

Fighting Games bumps up Adrenaline and Dopamine

Not only are these type of games a great way to blow off some steam but they are also scientifically proven to improve anyone’s mental agility, reflexes, acuity as well as giving them a general better state of mental health. This popular phenomenon took the world by storm and is widely believed by tech experts to be on the rise.

Fighting games can be chosen from a wide array of options and players have the choice of either battling a huge dinosaur or mastering a lost kung-fu skill at the simple click of a button. Not only is this convenient but having access to literally thousands of titles to choose from, one could never get bored when playing.

Playing fighting games requires a strong set of skills which can be improved through a lot of practice. Do not worry though, as a game’s mechanic can easily be understood from just a couple of minutes of play. These games typically involve the ultimate mix between skill and luck as one is required to accurately anticipate his opponent’s moves in order to beat them at their own game.

What is your Favorite Fighting Game?

Whether or not you consider yourself a casual gamer who chooses to kill some time after a busy day at work or the hardcore type who spends countless hours in front of their screens to perfect the strategy, countless options to choose from are being made available. The gaming industry is almost three decades old and notwithstanding how many titles have appeared up to date, there will always be something new along the way for anyone to explore.

Be sure to check out these fighting games as we can ensure you they will not disappoint and will keep even the most pretentious of gamers stuck in their seats for countless hours.

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RewardMe: Do MORE than you “need” to do

RewardMe: Do MORE than you “need” to do

You could say a core value of RewardMe principles applies mostly for young people who are doing internships and what not, but it is actually applicable to all levels of people. In a work environment, too many people I see finish their work very fast, and start to slack off (do random things on the internet etc.).

The fact that one can finish his/her work fast means that the person is more capable than what he/she is assigned. Shouldn’t people know that? A guy finishes work fast and plays games, while another finishes the work a little slower, and asks for more work to complete. Who’s going to get promoted? Who’s going to get referred?

And yet you see so many people complaining about being in the same jobs and positions for a long time?

The important thing to know is that when you finish your assigned work, your “responsibilities”, that’s the default. Any one sitting in that seat could and should do it. Your credit starts where your responsibility ends. When you do extra, you jump out of the box of “Teller,” “Operating Director,” “VP Marketing,” and identify yourself with a name. That’s rather useful.

It’s the same with interacting with friends and associates too. If people around you all feel you are capable of doing many things well with good work ethics, then when an opportunity arises, you will be the person they think of.

Do more to prove that you deserve more.

RewardMe Random Networking

RewardMe Random Networking

This takes a bit of talent. This is when you are simply sitting in the library, on the elevator, waiting for a bus, and you are going to meet the person there next to you. These random networking are starts to some great things that have happened. You don’t need to wait for opportunities in your life to get you, create as many as you can.

It doesn’t have to be a great and long conversation, and there’s nothing to lose. The harmless dragon is very apparent in this situation. You simply make some comments on something around, the weather, inconveniences, anything, and that person would likely add a sentence to it. Once initial contact is established here, you can then go along with “Oh yea, my name is Mename.” Smile and maybe offer a handshake if you feel appropriate. That person could do the same, or could feel a bit embarrassed. You don’t have to worry, respect that person, but be confident, and SMILE. Once you both introduced yourselves (and try to remember his/her name!) you can start asking little questions like “So, how’s everything going in life?” and exchange the same information about yourself.


After a little conversation, you probably have decided if you like this person or not (and vice versa), and you can make it just a nice encounter, or you could say, “Hey, it’s really nice meeting you here. Would you like to exchange contact info and stay in touch every once in awhile? I would love to (or it’ll be cool to) find out how that thing of yours turned out to be, haha.” And most people who actually got to this point with you would gladly agree and exchange information (In which you would put into your database). For certain people, it’s also easy to ask if they have a FAQQLY or Facebook account so you can add them. These are social networking sites that help you learn from and about your friends. If that is the case, you simply need to know their name to add and you’re connected.


When you feel like you are done with this friendly talk, simply tell him/her that it was great meeting him/her and say things like “hopefully I’ll see you sometime again Youname!” (This is where people appreciate if you actually remembered their names)


Now Random Networking might sound strange, but I’ve seen people who met their business partners or employers through this process. Again, you want to appear confident and able. Let people feel that you can add value to something (whatever it might be that they need). You want to be optimistic and smile so you make people feel pleasant about you. These are all essentials for strong networking.

There’s always someone to know wherever you go.

RewardMe Networking Services

RewardMe Networking Services

Nowadays there are quite a few social websites out there. Many of them help you know more friends and Network. I will share with you a few of them that are more focused on the professional side. Check them out.


RewardMe Network

So why would I write an eBook about Professional Networking without sharing about the free Professional Networking service I created? So there you go. The RewardMe Network is a non-profit network created to help members expand their professional connections and assist in each member’s success. Different from other networking sites, this one is a lot more personal because the Network itself acts as an ultimate friend who cares about your success and knows a whole range of professional people and exactly what they do. This way it can refer you to any of them when you need. It also provides you with lots of resources that can increase your productivity and success.

The Network has a personality itself and communicates with each member and therefore knows the need and specialties of each of them. Instead of automatic functions of searching for people you don’t know, you contact the FD Link, and the Link connects you to someone you need, just like a common friend.

To join the Rewardme Network, go to Members have 2 simple obligations:

  1. Update your profile annually. 5-10 minutes a year shouldn’t be that bad.
  2. When someone contacts you via the FD Network, be friendly. (usually a couple times a year at most, unless you are looking for clients/employees yourself)


Pretty simple stuff. I recommend you checking it out.



            This is a networking site mostly for business people. It has some very useful resources and tools, along with around 1 Million users. The biggest setback is that it requires a paid membership to use the better functions of the site. I have never tried the paid membership functions so I can’t give too many comments on it, but if you are interested, go to and check it out yourself.



Another professional networking website that is a lot larger and more developed than the FD Network. It is like a website where you can search people within their companies or professionals and get connected to them, depending on if you know anyone that knows them. There is also an endorse system for anyone to indicate a good job with any of the previous positions one has had.

         If you have a healthy work history and would like to connect with your past coworkers and perhaps connect to even more people, visit and get connected.

RewardMe Networking: Professional Events

RewardMe Networking: Professional Events

This is where the real game goes. In previous situations, the people you are networking with are either people you already know, will have to interact with, or people who might not care whatsoever. When you attend professional events, you meet people who are productive, solid or at least interested in their professional careers, and most of all, people who care about networking too!

First of all, I highly recommend you to go to as many professional events as possible. Professional events include speaker events, networking events, or trade shows for your appropriate industry. It is also recommended to have your supply of business cards, so people can remember you better.

In professional events, it is EXTREMELY important to be initiative and conduct yourself in a confident manner. Most people there are hunting for more connections, and you want to look like a good target. You need to forget about the harmless dragon. Just walk to someone, introduce yourself, and engage in a conversation of learning more about each other. Don’t try to get everyone. Try to establish a couple good relationships with the people there so it only becomes natural for you to send a follow up email greeting afterwards.

Each talk should at least be 3-5 minutes long. In this case it is very much like random networking, but your questions and topic will be more geared towards the professional side. Unless you appear arrogant, people will usually respect your confidence and treat you as an equal. At the same time, show respect for what the other person has accomplished and be willing to learn from him/her. If you feel that the person did something impressive, it never hurts to give a compliment. Most people are happy when you confirm to them about their abilities and accomplishments, especially when they were begging for someone to notice it/them. A simple sentence can change much of one’s mood. Don’t suck up, but let what you believe is true slip out naturally and easily. Be straightforward in compliments.

When in a speaker event, it is usually wise to meet someone new before the speaker starts to talk. Use the exact same method as before and introduce yourself, exchange business cards (not contact information yet if you don’t have business cards). When the speaker event starts, sit next to this new friend. Even though the two of you will probably not be interacting in the event, just acknowledging each other on the side for a longer period of time builds an appreciation than simply meeting and parting.

After the speaker event, when you are about to depart, and you don’t have business cards yet, you could offer to exchange contact information. If you have done what we have covered in previous chapter correctly, they most likely would be willing to exchange contact information. You just made another friend.

In a speaker event, the speaker is obviously very important too. After you listen to his/her speech, it’s a good idea to go up and thank him/her. Introduce yourself while you are at it, and ask for a business card. Many people do speaker events just to network too! They usually happily give you one when they have it (you would be surprised by how many professionals who don’t have it).

After the professional event, you should always send follow-ups to people you newly met through email or what seems to be appropriate. Just send a simple note saying “hey, it was nice meeting you today! Just checking if this email address works” or something along those lines. Remind them of who you are and ask to stay in touch. If you are emailing the speaker, then you could include what he said in his speech. People appreciate it when you remember what they said (especially when everyone else was drooling their nice suits wet).

When you send these follow-ups, don’t expect a reply. Replies only come from great people; not all speakers are great people. As mentioned before, think about how long does it take for you to reply to a friend? Maybe sometimes you forget after awhile? When this happens, it depends on how important do you think the person is, but I recommend sending a second or even third round of emails after a month or two. Maybe then they’ll be interested in replying (this is when the discipline of persistence becomes handy). Just remember to always stay sincere and polite.

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