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Octalysis Review of Contrexperience | RewardMe

Octalysis Review of Contrexperience

Business Metrics -> Game Objective

Increase in brand and product visibility

Communicate the concept that “slimming can be fun” and Contrex is the right partner to do it

Users -> Players

10 women age 18-40. The “bikers”

People around them looking “the show”

People who will look to the video

Desired Action -> Win States

Stop to walk and “try” to use the bike

Ride the bike

Ride faster to create more power

Having fun while “slimming”

User Metrics -> Feedback Mechanics

Ride and see that kinetics energy become power used to play music and for the “virtual” striper

In few minutes the whole group burn 2000 calories

Incentives -> Rewards

The strip-tease show

The support and cheer of people around

The above analysis is contributed by M Granconato, below is the review of our team.

You have the general idea and are off to a good start. You did great by picking a gamified system that does a good job with engagement. Using the tool, you scored each of the core drives and listed the game techniques involved. Well done!

A few small pieces are still missing from this submission. One thing that is important in this submission is:

Identify not only what among the 8 Core Drives is already present (make sure you tie that into how that motivates people, instead of just dropping terms), and put in suggested ways that this can do even better by improving more of the 8 Core Drives.

This submission would have been more complete if there was a more detailed description of how people are motivated by the game techniques listed, as long as add suggested ways that the system designers can improve their gamified system in each of the core drives.

Octalysis Core Drives Reference Section

For the rest of this evaluation, here’s a quick reference to the 8 Core Drives and what numbers they belong to:

CD1: Epic Meaning & Calling
CD2: Development & Accomplishment
CD3: Empowerment of Creativity & Feedback CD4: Ownership & Possession
CD5: Social Influence & Relatedness
CD6: Scarcity & Impatience
CD7: Unpredictability & Curiosity
CD8: Loss & Avoidance

Octalysis Strategy Dashboard Business Metrics -> Game Objective

Yes, the makers of the Contrex mineral water want more brand awareness.

Users -> Players

It’s true that the target audience are women although there was one man (42 seconds into the video) who got on the bike. Here’s a marketing case study for your enjoyment here: contrexperience

Yes, the players finding the “show” but not ever getting on the bikes are strongly intrigued spectators. If the Business Metrics only relates to those who are riding bikes, then these spectators would be users who never left the Discovery Experience Phase. Because “people watching” is one of the most important things in the video, they are important players in this campaign.

Desired Actions -> Win States

In this section you have the general idea correct. There is one item that needs refinement.

In regards to “having fun while slimming,” that is the marketing message which supports the understood message that slimming / exercising is important. However, it’s not a specific Desired “Action” that can be easily utilized by a designer to create the win-state after the action.

Feedback Mechanics -> Triggers

Very good.

Incentives -> Rewards

Yes, that’s correct in general. Specifics would also include, the music, the lights, crowd cheering, and possibly the bottled water at the end.

Core Drives

Below we review the content that you shared using the Octalysis Tool.


“Slimming and having fun” – Yes, the message is that it’s important to exercise and have fun. However, it should be noted that the gamified system supporting the concept is not evoking strong feelings of a higher-purpose, being chosen by destiny, or that the players are an elite and special group. Is there Epic Meaning & Calling here? This would only be a strong motivator if the idea of “slimming and having fun” aka gamification is something users strongly believe in already and want to participate in.

“Ride to see a full streap-tease” – Riding the bike is an action the player is taking in order to achieve a win-state of seeing more clothes get taken off. This, in most cases, is also not a higher purpose bigger than oneself.


“Level up while riding” – It’s true that a certain set of clothes are taken off at regular intervals while riding. However, the players themselves are not achieving higher levels. What you see is the man wearing less and less clothes as a concentrated effort. If this man was a monster in a game, you would see his health status points go down. This is known as a Boss Fight being carried out as a Group Quest (CD5) by the players.

“You need to ride faster to create enough energy for the music and the striper (Win Price)” – There’s a couple small typos here, “stripper” and “Win Prize”. Yes, they have to peddle fast to win the final prize. This is actually more related to CD3: Empowerment of Creativity & Feedback, where every action you take shows you different results. The feeling of progress and end result once the goal was hit is a strong sense of CD2.


“As you ride your kinetics energy become power” and “the faster you ride the more power you produce the more “funny stuff” happen”

CD3, Empowerment of Creativity & Feedback, is where the players are engaged in a creative process. They try different combinations, see what the results are, and then adjust. The only adjustment option available is how fast the player can ride the bike. Yes, the first player tries peddling a little and discovers that peddling faster is required to get much out of the system.


The spirit of CD4 is that she wants to improve what she owns and get more of what she owns.

“Fast learning curve on what to do” – This is more related to CD2, or even 6 (if the learning curve is difficult).

“One pink bike” – As you point out later, there is some scarcity involved with having only 10 bikes. So, yes having the bike so that they can participate is a factor.

“A bottle of water” – Interestingly enough, one could just grab the bottle and leave. So, the bottle is not motivating the player to act.


“Multiplayer experience“ – True they are working together toward a common goal. It’s a Group Quest.

“Even people that are not riding feel involved, it’s a “show” “ – Good point! By the positioning of the bikes in an open space, it’s an experience designed to be shared with a group.

One thing to note is that, the video keeps showing bystanders watching the video, even from the perspective of random cars driving by. This is because, as a video, they wanted to show video watches that the video is in fact bringing attention from all types of people.


“Only 10 bikes” – For those people who want to participate in actually making the man strip, it’s true they would want to peddle on the bikes when a bike is available.

The Dangling Game Technique is being applied here to keep the spectators spectating. The man is showing them what they can’t have yet; him being naked.


“10 pink bikes in-line ready to be used in an unusual location and “ a what’s next experience, people are induce to ride to see what’s going on” – Yes, CD7 keeps the players moving from the Discovery phase then the Onboarding phase and finally the Scaffolding phase.

There is also the unpredictability of how far the electronic man will go. There is no guarantee that the man will strip all the way. So people stick around to see the end.


Consider this question: What happens if they all stop peddling?


Thank you for this opportunity to review your submission. Even though your submission was a bit on the weaker side, and I highly recommend that you spend a bit more time on this design and how to make it better, based on your efforts, I am happy to award you a Level 1 Octalysis Certificate.

Thanks for being awesome!

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