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RewardMe: Do MORE than you “need” to do | RewardMe

RewardMe: Do MORE than you “need” to do

RewardMe: Do MORE than you “need” to do

You could say a core value of RewardMe principles applies mostly for young people who are doing internships and what not, but it is actually applicable to all levels of people. In a work environment, too many people I see finish their work very fast, and start to slack off (do random things on the internet etc.).

The fact that one can finish his/her work fast means that the person is more capable than what he/she is assigned. Shouldn’t people know that? A guy finishes work fast and plays games, while another finishes the work a little slower, and asks for more work to complete. Who’s going to get promoted? Who’s going to get referred?

And yet you see so many people complaining about being in the same jobs and positions for a long time?

The important thing to know is that when you finish your assigned work, your “responsibilities”, that’s the default. Any one sitting in that seat could and should do it. Your credit starts where your responsibility ends. When you do extra, you jump out of the box of “Teller,” “Operating Director,” “VP Marketing,” and identify yourself with a name. That’s rather useful.

It’s the same with interacting with friends and associates too. If people around you all feel you are capable of doing many things well with good work ethics, then when an opportunity arises, you will be the person they think of.

Do more to prove that you deserve more.

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