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RewardMe Loyalty Program Hits Vancouver! | RewardMe

RewardMe Loyalty Program Hits Vancouver!

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It almost seems like it was just yesterday that RewardMe went mainstream in the San Francisco Bay area, and within a short few weeks RewardMe has gone international and has launched in Vancouver, Canada.

RewardMe in Vancouver has partnered up with restaurants and cafes such as Starbucks, Robson’s All India Restaurant, Da Jia Japanese Restaurant, Sushi Mart, Beefy Beef Noodles, Trees Organic Coffee and Vancouver Magazine’s Best Cheap Eats Zero One Sushi.

The reason why these establishments have decided to sign up and use RewardMe Loyalty Program is because it’s designed not to focus on the one time bargain hunter who will enjoy the deal and then never come back. It’s a program that focuses specifically on how to get repeat customer activity.

What’s also bad is once a daily deal is done, a restaurant is no longer advertised with the daily deal company. The company is off to focus on the next company that wants to do a daily deal. They don’t provide continuous advertising and marketing for a restaurant. They don’t try to build a long term relationship to help improve the sales and marketing for the restaurant. They don’t mention a restaurant to their growing customer base. If you want to be able to reach their new e-mail subscription list you need advertise with them again, and again give them at least 50% off.

What’s worse is that the up to 30% of customers who buy daily deals never redeem them. The tragedy is that they potentially believed they were reaching hundreds of new customers, when in reality hundreds of them will never even set foot and probably forget about the restaurant.

RewardMe offers better benefits:

1) RewardMe is the great business solution because it continually advertises and markets your restaurant day in and day out to a growing crowd of people. People won’t forget about a restaurant two weeks later because the restaurant is always listed when the program is loaded up. It’s continuous exposure that will put your restaurant at the top of their mind.

2) RewardMe creates relationships with restaurants and cafes we work with. We’re not interested in getting your business once and then taking off and finding the next deal. We want to be able to work with you so that the RewardMe program is a success. Instead of focusing on just short term customer drive, we give recommendations on how to drive customers in the short run and the long run to have a winning business model. Our analytics and experience have given us insights on how to create the best customized rewards program for all your customers. And our analytics will allow you to find the perfect balance between offering a great loyalty program and increasing profits.

3) RewardMe structures rewards that benefits both the customer and the business. Taking a 50% to 75% off your retail price for food is as close to business suicide as it gets. These deals are great attracting customers that can’t be guaranteed are going to come back, but it’s terrible for a business.

However a business might give 10% off a meal for the first time customer and is willing to give a free meal after the customer eats there 10 times. A new customer is drawn in by the 10 % off and loyal customers feel valued for getting a free meal for his loyalty and you have a healthy profit margin to keep your business going. And RewardMe is marketing for your restaurant.

RewardMe is a great tool for any cafe, restaurant or retail business to use to increase customer loyalty while driving in new customers. Order RewardMe for free until March 30th and find out why so many restaurants love using us.

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