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RewardMe Networking Services

RewardMe Networking Services

Nowadays there are quite a few social websites out there. Many of them help you know more friends and Network. I will share with you a few of them that are more focused on the professional side. Check them out.


RewardMe Network

So why would I write an eBook about Professional Networking without sharing about the free Professional Networking service I created? So there you go. The RewardMe Network is a non-profit network created to help members expand their professional connections and assist in each member’s success. Different from other networking sites, this one is a lot more personal because the Network itself acts as an ultimate friend who cares about your success and knows a whole range of professional people and exactly what they do. This way it can refer you to any of them when you need. It also provides you with lots of resources that can increase your productivity and success.

The Network has a personality itself and communicates with each member and therefore knows the need and specialties of each of them. Instead of automatic functions of searching for people you don’t know, you contact the FD Link, and the Link connects you to someone you need, just like a common friend.

To join the Rewardme Network, go to Members have 2 simple obligations:

  1. Update your profile annually. 5-10 minutes a year shouldn’t be that bad.
  2. When someone contacts you via the FD Network, be friendly. (usually a couple times a year at most, unless you are looking for clients/employees yourself)


Pretty simple stuff. I recommend you checking it out.



            This is a networking site mostly for business people. It has some very useful resources and tools, along with around 1 Million users. The biggest setback is that it requires a paid membership to use the better functions of the site. I have never tried the paid membership functions so I can’t give too many comments on it, but if you are interested, go to and check it out yourself.



Another professional networking website that is a lot larger and more developed than the FD Network. It is like a website where you can search people within their companies or professionals and get connected to them, depending on if you know anyone that knows them. There is also an endorse system for anyone to indicate a good job with any of the previous positions one has had.

         If you have a healthy work history and would like to connect with your past coworkers and perhaps connect to even more people, visit and get connected.

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