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RewardMe Random Networking

RewardMe Random Networking

This takes a bit of talent. This is when you are simply sitting in the library, on the elevator, waiting for a bus, and you are going to meet the person there next to you. These random networking are starts to some great things that have happened. You don’t need to wait for opportunities in your life to get you, create as many as you can.

It doesn’t have to be a great and long conversation, and there’s nothing to lose. The harmless dragon is very apparent in this situation. You simply make some comments on something around, the weather, inconveniences, anything, and that person would likely add a sentence to it. Once initial contact is established here, you can then go along with “Oh yea, my name is Mename.” Smile and maybe offer a handshake if you feel appropriate. That person could do the same, or could feel a bit embarrassed. You don’t have to worry, respect that person, but be confident, and SMILE. Once you both introduced yourselves (and try to remember his/her name!) you can start asking little questions like “So, how’s everything going in life?” and exchange the same information about yourself.


After a little conversation, you probably have decided if you like this person or not (and vice versa), and you can make it just a nice encounter, or you could say, “Hey, it’s really nice meeting you here. Would you like to exchange contact info and stay in touch every once in awhile? I would love to (or it’ll be cool to) find out how that thing of yours turned out to be, haha.” And most people who actually got to this point with you would gladly agree and exchange information (In which you would put into your database). For certain people, it’s also easy to ask if they have a FAQQLY or Facebook account so you can add them. These are social networking sites that help you learn from and about your friends. If that is the case, you simply need to know their name to add and you’re connected.


When you feel like you are done with this friendly talk, simply tell him/her that it was great meeting him/her and say things like “hopefully I’ll see you sometime again Youname!” (This is where people appreciate if you actually remembered their names)


Now Random Networking might sound strange, but I’ve seen people who met their business partners or employers through this process. Again, you want to appear confident and able. Let people feel that you can add value to something (whatever it might be that they need). You want to be optimistic and smile so you make people feel pleasant about you. These are all essentials for strong networking.

There’s always someone to know wherever you go.

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